An Action Guide for ADHD in LGBTQ+ Relationships

As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner passionate about providing care to the LGBTQ+ community, my goal is to create a convenient and safe space where people can be themselves, without fear of judgement, regardless of self-identity. Additionally, as a person with ADHD and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I know the importance of having […]

The Ritualistic Path to Taming Anxiety

Many athletes are superstitious. They wear lucky socks or carry around a special bottle cap to help them win a match. It may sound silly, but there’s some science to back up their habits. Research shows that rituals can be useful for soothing anxiety. That’s important because stress feels uncomfortable and hampers your performance. At […]

6 Symptoms of Chronic Stress to Be Aware Of

Are you suffering from stress? Everyone has moments of stress from time to time, such as when you’re stuck in traffic, or you have a hard day at the office. But, for some people, stress can also become a serious issue. Expose yourself to too much chronic stress and you’re putting yourself at significant risk […]