Our Story

Where Mental Health Care has No Gender!

Jonathan Wayne MSN, PMHNP-BC

Hello! I’m Jonathan founder of LGBTQ+ Telepsychiatry. Have you ever felt judged by your family, friends or colleagues for your way of life, values, or world view? If yes, then you’re in the right place. I founded LGBTQ+ Telepsychiatry in 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Since my dream has  been to  own a mental health practice someday, I begun to self–study entrepreneurship and then later obtained a degree in Psychiatric Mental Health at Charles R. Drew University School of Medicine & Science. I noticed while taking up my studies there weren’t many mental health options tailored to assist the specific mental health needs for the LGBTQ+ community and as a black gay male, I knew this would be my niche. My sole goal has always been to create a convenient safe space where people can be themselves without fear of judgement regardless of self-identity and this passion has led to the creation of LGBTQ+ Telepsychiatry.

Building mental stamina has led to many of my own successes in overcoming life’s obstacles and I want to share with you how I’ve done it. Whether you are interested in mental health or just passing through, call, text, or shoot me an email for a free consultation, free mental health resources, access to the E-therapy program for just $1 a day and Affordable ADHD Testing. I hope to see you at LGBTQ+ Telepsychiatry. We are a place of acceptance without judgement. Everyone is welcome here!

Here at LGBTQ+ Telepsychiatry you will find a variety of options including diagnostic intakes with complimentary lab work and monthly follow-up and medication management plans. We also offer affordable monthly therapy options that are curated to address life’s common stressors such as dealing with trauma, relationship problems and issues with establishing your self-identity. The therapy programs are internet based and includes a combination of different types of therapy approaches for optimal outcomes. You also have the option of meeting with a board-certified psychiatric provider to help you along the process.

Think you have ADHD? Need special accommodations for school or work? No problem! We offer the ONLY FDA APPROVED ADHDTelehealth Testing that can be used to justify & monitor effectiveness of treatment for patients & clinics at an AFFORDABLE COST. Did you know that with an ADHD Diagnosis you can request special accommodations for your school, work, and testing. You can be granted extra time to complete assignments and adjustments. With an ADHD Diagnosis we include a complimentary signed letter just for that. Bookings for this service are limited so please contact us ASAP. BOOK NOW!

Have you ever trailed taking different medications or simply want to avoid trailing different mediations? Then we’ve got you covered! Here at LGBTQ+ Telepsychiatry we offer painless Genetic Testing to see on a molecular level what medications may work best for you and which ones you should likely avoid. Fortunately, this test can be providing in the comforts of your own home. Book Now or Schedule a consultation to learn more!


We are here to cater to your mind body and spirit. We also offer Gender Reassignment Support Letters, Emotional Support Animal Letters, Life Coaching, Meditation, and One-on-One virtual yoga sessions.

Come join us here at LGTBQ+ Telepsychiatry. You will be accepted for who you are, and we will work together to get you where you want to be. See you soon!